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We celebrate Canary Islands Day in style in our hotels

A very special day in the Canary Islands in which our hotels dress for the occasion, in every sense, to pay tribute to this enriching culture and gastronomy.

May 30 is an important date in the Canary Islands calendar, as the acclaimed Canary Islands Day is celebrated, a day in which the inhabitants of the so-called lucky islands show off their best clothes and celebrate the culture of the place. From the end of May to the beginning of June, our hotels on the island of Tenerife dress their facilities in the palette of Canarian colors and flavors.

At DWO Nopal , as is tradition, they have the reception with different themes throughout the year, and Canary Islands Day could not be any different. They exhibit a set of traditional Canarian costumes and objects to show the past of life on the islands. In addition, the hotel prepares a special breakfast with the most typical products of island cuisine, showing a star food from each of them. Quite a delicacy for this unique day.

The Checkin Concordia Playa hotel is filled with the Canarian spirit in every corner. From the entrance, a display of Canarian costumes and products as well as its staff, who wear typical Canarian costumes. In the pool area, there was a demonstration and tasting of kneaded gofio . A sweet recipe based on toasted cereal flour, water and sugar, giving rise to this characteristic shape with a delicious flavor.

And this does not end here, since the party continues with a special Canary Islands themed dinner , which has all the details and a magnificent staff who serves and prepares delicious dishes. .

In Los Cristianos, the Checkin Bungalows Atlántida entertainment team prepares typical Canarian activities and games for the whole family. And at the buffet, exquisite dishes await customers in tune with this special day.

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